Base vs Base

Go head to head in this tactical mode.

Destroy the opposing teams base to win!

Player vs Player

Take on each other in this straightforward battle.

Kill the opposing players in a team or individual battle!

Sector mode

The most popular mode take on the viruses of cyberspace.

Everything comes to a close in the final boss battle of the maps!



Welcome on this page we discuss the finer points of BoutEagle. The game is setup with a room system. You can join an excisting room or create your own. A single room can hold up to 8 players. There are 3 game modes to try. You can supercharge your Bot when your transformation gauge is full. Your bot will then transform into a bigger version with more offensive and defensive capabilities.

In the main mode sector you take on npc controlled bots name viruses. Sector is split up in sections only when you killed all the important mobs can you advance. Most maps get bigger once you defeated a set of mobs, a few take place in the same space for all waves. All sector maps end with a boss battle which has the biggest chance to drop loot in the form of boxes. If you choose a map within your own level you will get equipment that you can instantly use.

In Player vs Player you take on other players only. When you kill other players you get some exp. You can fight your friends or other people you don't know. See if you have the skill to take down someone else. There is individual mode a free for all and team mode where the room is split in a red and a blue team. Players can choose for themselves which team they'd like to be a part of.

Base vs Base is the final mode you can do. This mode is more tactical, you always play in 2 teams red and blue. When you destroy the opponents base you win. A win doesn't come easy in this match every player can have up to two mercenaries. Mercenaries are npc controlled bots that help in the fight. You can control them with very basic actions. These actions are Defend your own base from getting destroyed, or use the offensively to take down the other teams base. Everyone has 5 total lives, this includes the mercenaries. If these 5 lives are done for you won't respawn anymore There is a timer set for respawn if that has passed you respawn. Wether you go all in on the base or on the players is a big part of the tactical decisions you have to make!

Every mode there is can give you exp and points. Drops are only in sector mode. Points are used to rank guilds, the more points the higher the guild status. Guilds can be created for 30.000 gigas and can have 20 members initialy, but this can be extended to 40 members. In pvp you can earn botstract which is used for ranking ones abilities.

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