Base vs Base

Go head to head in this tactical mode.

Destroy the opposing teams base to win!

Player vs Player

Take on each other in this straightforward battle.

Kill the opposing players in a team or individual battle!

Sector mode

The most popular mode take on the viruses of cyberspace.

Everything comes to a close in the final boss battle of the maps!

Christmas event


How it works

Current server time: 21/09/2021 10:04:12am.

The event will be live from: 24/12/2020 08:00PM to: 8/1/2021 08:00PM server time which is UTC+1.

Everyone who has a character is able to participate in this event.

To participate in the event you will have to do the christmas maps.

The new christmas maps come in diffuclty lvl 1, 50 and 100

You will be eligable to get christmas event rewards when you do a difficulty which is 25 levels higher or lower then your personal level.

If your level is more or less then the difficulty +/-25 you will NOT get a reward.

You will be able to start and play every map so lower level friends can still hang out.

There is a 47% base chance of getting a reward when killing the boss on christmas maps.

Every additional player in your room ads 2% to this chance, so 2 players in one room have 49% chance of drop instead of 47%.

Special mobs have been added to make the maps more festive!

The only reward you can get from the christmas maps are event ticket.

These event ticket don't appear in the inventory they are directly added as a currency for the christmas shop.

The shop has been released and features a brand new EF as well as a new flag that is worn on the back!

The CandyCane flag is worn like a sword on the back of your bot.

A new item for the shop will be released around new year!

The event is now live!

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